is now OneCom!

Name change and new corporate brand identity better reflect the evolution of the company’s customized payment solutions.

Delivering the Future of Payments

OneCom creates customized corporate payment solutions to meet the changing needs of today’s businesses and consumers.

Early Wage Access with InstantWage™

Employers can now increase workplace productivity and improve their bottom line by allowing employees to instantly access their earned wages when they need them*.

* Website or network connection issues may cause delays.
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Transforming Corporate Payments for a Digital Age
Early Wage Access

Our payroll card program allows employers to increase productivity and improve retention by allowing employees to access earned wages before payday.  

Legal Gaming Payment

Speed payouts, increase player loyalty and enhance compliance by offering consumers a cashless gaming and sports betting experience.

Insurance Claim Payments

Close claims faster, retain customers and save money on issuing checks by paying claims digitally or with a prepaid debit card.

Faster Payments
Eliminate Check Issuing Costs
Reduce Fraud
Improved Customer Experience

Expertise & Technology

OneCom uses a blend of industry expertise and proprietary technology to create disruptive payment solutions that deliver control, security and real-time payments for our clients and their consumers.

Partnering With Us Means We Take Care of Everything

Speed to Market

Deep industry knowledge & our proprietary BluBox technology allow us to launched programs faster.

Superior Service

Our highly-trained team is laser focus on providing the highest quality service & support.

End-to-End Solution

Our team of experts takes care of everything from program design to training to optimization.


We design your program so it’s an extension of your brand & tailor it to meet your needs.

Blu Box™

In today’s digital world a superior payments solution isn’t possible without powerful technology.

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